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WordPress Security Management
WordPress Security Setup
WordPress Setup
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Domain Registration Service
Advanced users will usually do this on their own, but for beginners or technology-unsavvy customers, we do offer this service.
It consists in buying the domain name of your choice (.com or .jp for example), and setting up the necessary DNS records for your site to come up.

WordPress Setup
This is to install and configure WordPress. It includes setting up the (free) theme of your choice and the basic sidebar/widgets setup.
It does NOT include the installation and configuration of additional widgets and add-ons.
It does NOT include any kind of designing work or development work.

WordPress Security Setup
This includes the installation and configuration of 2 security plugins:

  • Akismet, to deal with the spam on your wordpress blog
  • WP-Cerber security, to deal with the overall security of your wordpress site

Please note:

  • Akismet works very well alone, you won’t need to look at it twice in the future
  • WP-Cerber Security requires monitoring. It can do some great work on its own, but it’s limited. It won’t bring total security on its own so someone needs to fine-tune it regularly

This is provided as a service as we won’t make much profit with it.
By default we only provide support for connectivity and performance issues, but with this option, should you have any general question related to hosting, wordpress, internet, you can ask us. This option is mainly for beginners. We won’t reply to your questions with pages of explanations, but we’ll point you to the right direction. Questions could be “is there a wordpress plugin to do “, “how could I modify my blog’s design so that “, etc. Please note, it’s possible (though unlikely) we can’t reply to some questions.

WordPress Security Management
This includes installation, fine-tuning and monitoring of Akismet anti-spam plugin and WP-Cerber Security plugin. Cerber’s license cost is included in this price.
No security is 100% perfect, but with this option you basically won’t have to care about your wordpress’ security.

WP-Cerber Security License
This is for the paid-version of this famous security plugin. The paid version is MILES away of the free version in terms of security. We highly recommend its use for any WordPress installation. Choose this option if you wish to manage it by yourself.

Disk Space
This plan comes with unlimited disk space. This space is to be shared between your website(s), databases and mailboxes. You are forbidden to use this service as a backup solution for your personal or business files.

This plan allows for unlimited email addresses.

Control Panel
This plan gives access to Plesk control panel. You can configure and install WordPress and your email with it.

Internet Access
Our internet access is a 1Gbps line. It’s fast and stable.

Free Domain name
.com or .net. For other TLDs, please ask us and we’ll gladly give you a quote.
You can request your domain name on the payment screen, in the order notes.
You have an obligation to host that domain with us.

Any other question, please let us know by email or messenger.