How good is your internet access ?

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It’s VERY good. It’s super stable, it’s super fast at 1Gbps, and we cut it into small slots for you, to decrease its price. Because it’s expensive too! Actually a good portion of your subscription to us goes directly into the internet access.

A note though. 10 Mbps is not bad, but it’s just good enough for a light website. Depending on the size of your traffic, you might need to consider upping your plan.

At 300Mbps, you can do whatever you want, you can even consider building a data-backup solution with terabytes of data flowing in everyday. We even measured the line with peaks at 600Mbps.

Please refer to this online tool to convert bandwidth to througput.

At 10Mbps, you can hope for 3.24 TB per month (or 108 MB per day). Here’s a table summarizing all bandwidths/throughputs.

PlanDaily ThroughputMonthly Throughput
10Mbps108 MB3.24 TB
30Mbps324 MB9.72 TB
60Mbps648 MB19.4 TB
100Mbps1.08 TB32.4 TB
150Mbps1.62 TB48.6 TB
300Mbps3.24 TB97 TB
600Mbps6.48 TB194 TB