How good is your internet access ?

It’s VERY good. It’s super stable, it’s super fast at 1Gbps, and we cut it into small slots for you, to decrease its price. Because it’s expensive too! Actually a good portion of your subscription to us goes directly into the internet access.

A note though. 10 Mbps is not bad, but it’s just good enough for a light website. Depending on the size of your traffic, you might need to consider upping your plan.

At 300Mbps, you can do whatever you want, you can even consider building a data-backup solution with terabytes of data flowing in everyday. We even measured the line with peaks at 600Mbps.

Please refer to this online tool to convert bandwidth to througput.

At 10Mbps, you can hope for 3.24 TB per month (or 108 MB per day). Here’s a table summarizing all bandwidths/throughputs.

PlanDaily ThroughputMonthly Throughput
10Mbps108 MB3.24 TB
30Mbps324 MB9.72 TB
60Mbps648 MB19.4 TB
100Mbps1.08 TB32.4 TB
150Mbps1.62 TB48.6 TB
300Mbps3.24 TB97 TB
600Mbps6.48 TB194 TB

I want to call you!

Sorry, phone enquiries are not available at the moment. Please raise a ticket or contact us through the chat tool.

What means of payment are available ?

Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB)


Crypto Currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash,… + 90 others)

Bank Transfer (only for Japan residents)

If the crypto currency of your choice is not displayed in the payment window, please contact us and we’ll add it. Please note, Monero and XRP are not supported.

What kind of support do you offer ?

Support is by ticket, phone enquiries are not possible at this time. You can also try to contact support through the chat window.

We don’t have (yet) a call center or staff dedicated to support, so the bad news is that it can take hours to pick-up your ticket.

The good news is that the engineer replying to your tickets will be level 2 support, so no level 1 support -takes-hours-to-explain-what-the-issue-is-, you’ll get directly to a knowledgeable staff. He will understand quickly what the issue is, where to look and how to fix it. No BS, no canned reply.

We are working 24/7/365 with staffs around the globe, however (as written above) since it can take hours to reply to an enquiry, it sometimes might not feel like it. We apologize in advance should you have to wait a long time to get a reply.

Please note, we do not support whatever happens on your server. Support is limited to networking/connectivity/downtime/performance issues. However there can be exceptions, like for example if you lock yourself out of your own server, we’ll help.

How to request a trial ?

Either through a ticket (if you’ve created an account), through the chat window or email.

There is no formal rule about what kind of configuration is possible. Just try and ask what you need/want, we’ll provide if we can. Trials cannot exceed one month.

Do you take backups ?

We don’t, please take care of them.

We can offer solutions though. Please contact us with your requirements, and we’ll give you a quote if we can provide what you want.

Are the servers protected by firewall ?

Yes, firewall appliances are between the servers and the outside world.

By default we authorize everything from inside to outside (except email), and deny everything from outside to inside (except ssh for Linux, and RDP for Windows).

That setup is not good in the long run though, you should change it to match your requirements. Don’t authorize anything more than what you need for outgoing traffic. Search well what ports you need open for incoming traffic.

Firewall rules changes are free, you can request as many changes as you want.

Should you need live troubleshooting (it does happen that some apps use weird-undocumented ports), schedule a session with our support, and we’ll do the troubleshooting together through the chat window.

Are you TOR friendly ?

You can setup a TOR site on your VPS or dedicated server, no issues here. TOR is not used only for illegal activities.

Obviously we don’t authorize at all any kind of illegal activities, and we fully collaborate with our ISPs and authorities.

What OS can we get installed on our server ?

We have Centos 7, Ubuntu 16 & 18 (Server), Fedora 19 and Windows Server 2016 ready. Anything else you want, please let us know. Some OS and versions might not be available, but most of what runs on x86/x64 can be provided.

Anything that requires a license, you’ll have to provide it, except for Windows which we offer for free (offer limited to Windows Server 2016).