Things to Check When Your Hosting Provider is in a Foreign Country

Eventually, it boils down to three main factors- Support, Security, and Speed. Hosting Provider, no matter in what country, is called to be a proficient hosting provider, only when has the capacity to deliver unlimited support, reliable security, and site speed that beats all the competitors out there.

The successful websites to run nowadays don’t need the hosting provider to locate in the same country. In fact, name any country and you can choose to hire your service provider from that place. Hosting industry has become dynamic though. Sit in your country, and let the hosting provider handle it all in any other part of the world. It doesn’t matter whether you both are residing in the same corner of the world. What matters is if he is skilled enough to make your life and website better with his services.

Having said that, what should you look for in the service provider, when he is residing internationally?

Specific points here may definitely help you find that best and leading web host located in the remote country.

Uninterrupted Support

Hosting provider in a foreign country sounds apt, but only when the services and support are uninterrupted. Besides, discuss in advance if their time zone would affect the availability of the support. Another factor that can act as a barrier here is Language. Find a professional who can speak and understand your language for unremitting services. The hosting market is burning, and that direct us to a humongous number of hosting providers. Don’t get distracted by the horde, as the best one will only speak of how he is going to deliver the best services.

Low Cost doesn’t Mean Poor Services

Coming to the cost, don’t expect the price to be too high when the professional is right. A genuine one will never swindle you. From countries like India and China, one can get cost efficient hosting services effortlessly. No, there is no chance to doubting their services (as they are offering it at low cost) because of the number of service providers here. Since the competition is high, service providers keep their cost low, mostly.

Divergence in Services

When looking for a hosting provider in a foreign country, expect customer support to be divergent. By this, we mean that every service provider will have a different manner of operating. Comparison is all right, but don’t judge against the way these services providers operate. Better would be to discuss the way they will be delivering their services. So, list down a few hosting providers, mark down their services and packages, compare it, and then land upon a decision.

Be Succinct about Load Time

Speedy loading website is what you need, precisely. But when hiring a hosting provider internationally, the speed of the site can quaver. The users who reside closer to the server of your website will always see it loading quicker as compared to those living away from the server. But the trick is to pick the hosting provider from the location, where you believe more potential visitors should visit your website.

Settle on your Handholding First

Yes, this is to be decided in advance. Generally, you will get a handhold of phone support, emails, and tickets, and even 24/7 customer support (it, however, may vary). Now, you also have one more option of either getting the hand hole partially or wholly. You can even give the hosting provider the authority to manage it all by taking up the managed service.

Saying yes to managed service will get you a system that is appropriately configured, well-managed security issues if any, and even the timely backup of your website, which is reasonably essential, nevertheless. Here, you need to decide first, whether you want either managed or non-managed service, and discuss it with the chosen professional.

What are You Expecting in Terms of Server?

What type- Shared Server, Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Server, or Cloud Server? Being an expert in this industry, your hosting provider would ask about the type of server you want for your site.

Shared Hosting- Beginning with the cheapest one, we have hosting on shared servers that usually bound your access to uploading via SFTP or FTP. Decide whether you need access to run all programs and amount of database or not. If no, you can opt for this server, otherwise moving on to some other type is what we recommend.

Virtual Private Server Hosting- The next server that comes into the picture is Virtual Private Server. The performance of these servers is better than the shared hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting- Then, we have another one named dedicated server, which is suitable for those who are not up for shared performance with other websites. A box is rented to you when you opt for this server, but when going for an international service provider, it will be placed at the provider’s location.

Cloud Server Hosting- This type of server is trending at the moment. Cloud servers are what people prefer now. One of the chief reasons is that they run on colossal clouds-public clouds, to be precise. A top instance of the same is Amazon Web Services (AWS) that can be constructed as per the customer’s requirement.

“Now let’s suppose that your site manages to get big traffic rush. When backed up by the cloud server hosting, all you would do is pay a few more bucks to maintain and handle that. No, like other servers, you will not be required to restructure the whole thing. Just pay the money and rest the hosting provider will do.”

The Final Words- Think and Take a Plunge

Yes, you can definitely plan to hire a hosting server from a foreign country. This is the time to take the plunge and get your site on the track. Just look for these things when looking for a hosting provider in a foreign country.

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