Ten Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cheap Web Hosting For Your Business

Free or affordable doesn’t always mean good. Some cheap website hosting services that start at just $5 a month, but that doesn’t mean they are beneficial for your business. Consider your website’s host as an office where you store the digital content of your business including documents, photos, and videos. It is also a place where your clients come to check out your product or services and purchase them as well. For all we know, you’re looking to make money from your website, but going the cheap way isn’t the right way.

Opting for a low-quality web hosting service can be detrimental to your business as the slow loading speed, and low connectivity drives customers away. Here are 10 reasons you should avoid cheap web hosting services for your business:

1. Lack of technical support

When you opt for a cheap web hosting service, you sign up for little to no technical support from the service provider. Whether you are facing a technical issue or want to more about add-on services, you won’t be able to contact the company via live chat. At most, you will be able to send them an email and wait for 24 hours to receive a reply. It wastes time and lowers productivity. After waiting for five days, you will get a non-personal email asking you to upgrade to a dedicated server package.

2. Recurring hidden costs

When you purchase a cheap web hosting service, you automatically sign-up for hidden costs. Since you are buying a limited package, you will have to extend the quota after you use up the monthly limit. You have no other choice but go for the extension because if you don’t, you will lose your customers. At the end of every month, you will be forced into paying a hefty price for the same package you would have found at a better cost through another service provider.

3. Limited advertisement options

When you go for a cheap hosting service, the web hosting company won’t always allow you to put up advertisements on your website. It limits your revenue-generating options, leaving you with no choice but find other ways to generate revenue. You won’t be able to argue with the service provider because it will only waste your time. The best thing to do in such a situation is to switch to a better and more trustworthy hosting service.

4. No flexibility in customizing the control panel

You won’t be able to design your website’s control panel. It directly limits your control over your website and will cause several administrative issues. Most of the times, the service provider will handle your control panel. Some control panels don’t even let multiple users access the panel, which increases the workload of the person who has access.

5. Poor loading speeds

Cheap web hosting services have low-quality hardware, which is shared among different clients. Even if you purchase their premium product, they won’t have one dedicated server for your company. Since the server is shared, your customers will have to wait for a long time for the website to load. If your website doesn’t load between 1.5 to five seconds, your server is probably the problem. To confirm your doubts, run a speed test and analyze the code. If the loading speed is still the same, change the service.

6. Negatively impacts SEO keyword rankings

According to Moz, website speed directly affects SEO rankings. It isn’t your website’s front-end performance that affects SEO rankings, but it is the back-end that makes the difference. The research found a correlation between time-to-first-byte metrics and higher search engine rankings. Websites that loaded faster had a higher search ranking compared to those with slow speed. Investing your time and money in search engine optimization will all go to waste because of slow website speed.

7. No protection against cybercrime

Once you are online, your data won’t be protected against cyber crimes and security leaks. If you have an ecommerce website, going for a cheap website hosting service can put your customer’s personal information and banking data at huge risk. Wonga reported that one website lost 270,000 customer records because of their hosting service.

8. Limited features

Since you will be sharing the server with other businesses, you won’t be able to access simple features including transferable sites, genesis framework, geo-targeting, and 24 x 7 customer service. If someone else installs a new application on the server, your website’s speed will slow down. Some hosting services offer a limited number of connections and ports to their clients, so making changes to your website is off-limits.

9. Makes your website unreachable

If you ever take time to read the Terms and Conditions of these cheap website hosting services, you will find that you don’t have the ownership of your website. You find about the scam after its too late and you want to sell your website but you can’t because it isn’t yours in the first place. All the time, money, and efforts you invested in it go to waste. If you sell the website knowing it and Google finds out, you will be banned forever.

10. Limited storage and bandwidth

We offer several packages, and all are designed to suit your needs. Unlike some of our competitors who make you miss out on some of the essential features you need to have just to make you have a cheaper plan, we ensure you never have to worry about it.

Businesses who purchase the biggest package gets the best service and largest space on the server. It is mentioned in the Terms and Conditions that the service provider can delete your content any time he wants without giving any specific reason or warning. Since they have complete access to your website, they can even sell your data to other businesses.

Do your research and stay away from cheap services. Purchasing a good hosting service is a great investment in your business’s future. It might look like a big expense right now but you will be grateful for the decision later. Take a look at what we have to offer for you today!

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