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What is VPS Hosting?

Before getting in the detail of VPS Hosting first we should know about what VPS Hosting stands for.

VPS Stands for Virtual Private Server.

Virtual Private Server is that which provides the same services as of the dedicated server in the shared environment.

VPS Hosting is one of the best ways which help users in getting the smooth running of their websites as compared to the hosting services present in the market i.e. Dedicated and shared hosting.

Now let’s explain VPS in detail. VPS is the machine that remain on the server with other virtual machines. By using virtual Private Server, you can have your own operating system installation. You can install and uninstall programs anytime that are not supported or unallowed on other shared hosting accounts.

For those who are using simple websites and basic hosting needs, they can use shared hosting account and that is all they need to run their websites. But for the developers and programmers VPS is the better plan that is suitable to them. Especially, when you have to pay higher entry costs. In this situation you can get a VPS just in $5 per month.

Difference Between VPS Hosting and Other Web Hosting servers

Let’s discuss some of the main differences between VPS Hosting and Other Web Hosting:

  • VPS hosting is one of the best services that enhance your business because it gives the greater disk space and increased overall availability of resources. While other web hosting has limitations i.e. this means when the limit has achieved you can not exceed the server resources.
  • The overall performance of VPS is better than other web hosting services. This provides good bandwidth that provides consumers more flexibility to configure your application while by using other web hosting plans other websites can disturb your website working.
  • VPS hosting can provide with good options and performance than other web hosting services.
  • VPS hosting is expensive than other web hosting.
  • VPS hosting needs a special system administrator that is responsible for the maintenance of the server. Because no technical maintenance is needed from your end.
  • VPS hosting allows you to scale easily and quickly but in other web hosting there may be some issues in scalability later.
  • While looking for the security of the website VPS Hosting is good option because you can implement better customer support while the other web hosting server can not give that maximum security.  

How VPS Hosting works?

VPS Hosting works on the technology like Virtual Box or VMware, these programs helps to run the virtualized version of the windows and while using these programs consumers can run a series of virtualized systems on the single physical server. VPS Hosting server is also used to run a series of operating systems. The biggest benefit of VPS Hosting is its cost benefit. It is cheaper than the dedicated Hosting.

Main Types of VPS Hosting

The famous types of VPS Hosting are:

1)   Managed VPS Hosting

2)   Self-Managed VPS Hosting

Now let’s get to the details of these two types.

  1. Managed VPS Hosting:

If the user is using Managed VPS Hosting than it is the full responsibility of the hosting provider for its management and maintenance.

  • Self-Managed VPS Hosting:

If the user is using a Self-Managed VPS Hosting than it is user’s own responsibility for the management and maintenance of the hosting server. This means that user must have high technical capabilities and understanding of the server. Usually, most of the hosting providers do not recommend this type of hosting.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

Following are the most prominent advantages of VPS Hosting:

  • VPS Hosting provide its users with maximum security because it offers its users an isolated environment. This secure the user websites from viruses and malicious hackers.
  • VPS Hosting is totally custom made because most of the VPS hosts offer its users to run custom software’s and apps that are usually not allowed in a shared hosting.
  • One of the valuable benefits of VPS Hosting is that it grows with users’ site as the traffic level and resource needs are increased.
  • VPS Hosting is cheaper than the dedicated hosting.
  • VPS Hosting is one of the reliable hosting service.
  • You have the same technical support in VPS Hosting as in the other shared hosting.
  • VPS gives users the power and scalability that the users site needs.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

Following are some of the main disadvantages of VPS Hosting:

  • It is more expensive than shared hosting.
  • Few issues can encounter if the hosts do not manage VPS correctly.

Which is the Better Option?      

As we have discussed in detail about VPS Hosting, thus we can conclude that VPS Hosting is the good solution and better option for the rapid growth, security of the user’s business. VPS Hosting gives user the significant amount of resources.

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