Shared Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting by far is the most popular hosting that is used especially by WordPress users. Regardless of its popularity, there is no one that tells the truth related to the affordable, easy and unlimited use of web hosting. Before reaching any decision, you must read this article so that you must know what is web hosting. By reading this article you will come to know the advantages and disadvantages of web hosting and this will make easy for you to make any decision.

A simple definition of Web Hosting is that it is a kind of internet hosting service that make the individual or organizations sites approachable by means of world wide web.

Actually, shared web hosting is when a number of websites share a large server. An organization or individual having multiple websites on the same server, a web hosting companies can provide them with a service in a much more affordable price. By the way this is the most economical way to web hosting. To make it clearer a dedicated web hosting starts from $150 per month to so on. Where you can get web hosting from $3.95 to $9.95 per month.

What’s the Biggest catch with web hosting?

The biggest catch with the web hosting companies is their marketing tactics. They boast their marketing with the unlimited disk space, unlimited domains and especially unlimited everything. In this world basically the only unlimited thing we get is the unlimited lies that comes out from people’s mouth. The truth is that there is no such unlimited web hosting that exists till now.

Actually, web hosting created for the small businesses and new bloggers etc. Users can get a very affordable deals and the web hosting companies can make a good profit out of it. Yes, it is the best option for the individuals that are going to start. But when your website starts to get popular and is using number of server resource, then the company will demand you to upgrade. But some of them just don’t ask instead they simply suspend your account and after that they send you a mail and some also don’t send you a mail. They just suspend your account and let you discover your own. So, the best way to select hosting company is to see their reputation.

In fact, you should look at the reputation when especially selecting the web hosting. Most of the individual don’t understand the industry slang, so they just look up the features list and make an underrated and uneducated decision. To make a good decision one should look at the reputation of the web hosting company and this is the single most important factor to look up while selecting web hosting because most of the companies have the same offers and it makes difficult in decision making.

Advantages of web hosting:

To make it clearer let’s discuss some of the advantages of the web hosting that will also help in making a good educated decision.

  • The huge benefit of web hosting is its cost advantage. This is because the maintenance fees of the server in almost shared by multiple websites and makes the affordable hosting fees from $3.95 to $ 9.95 per month.
  • Due to heavy competition improvements in the technology regularly. Most of the web hosting come up with an easy use.
  • Due to competition most of the companies hire highly skilled professionals and this makes to concentrate on the business rather on the maintenance and uptime of the hosting.
  • As most of the companies have multiple services so it’s easy to upgrade the site as the site start to grow.

Disadvantages of web hosting:

  • Comparing to the dedicated servers, you will see a relatively slower server response time on a shared web hosting server.
  • Some times when companies try to earn more, they start overselling and it cause a huge issue. This causes regular site lagging. This is the time when again reputation of the web hosting company comes in play.

Latest Trends of Web Hosting:

As we know the interest getting online website and making the business and selling the products or services online is increasing day after day. Before getting this started one must know about the web hosting in detail. It is discussed in detail above.

To get a good web hosting account from a reliable service provider can help in avoiding a loss of sales in the business as well that is caused by downtimes. Server downtimes mean that your website is not visible on the internet and it is the major issue for the loss and by it our competitors can get a benefit.

To avoid such type of losses you should try to buy from the reliable source.

Let’s get to the latest trends of web hosting. There are some web hosting and they have different styles and patterns of work and plans. It depends that which you choose to make your business successful.

Now coming towards the latest popular trends:

  • Cloud and virtualization Service Technology:

Cloud and virtualization technology are getting popular day by day as the technology is improving and this is because of the high security and uptime of this service technology. This technology contains the physical servers that are maintained in a secured room. The virtual technology is that hosts the websites and it get its resources from the physical servers of cloud that are secured in the room.

Still the cloud technology is affordable by smaller business users and that is why most of the consumers are shifting towards it. By using this technology, the users will experience smooth working of sites.

  • Upgraded Hosting Hardware:

As the technology is growing and due to this the advanced web hosting service provider are now demanding more powerful hardware. This is the reason most of the hosts are choosing Solid State Disks for their faster performance.

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