Dedicated Servers: When Should You Go For It?

Looking to expand your business? You need a web hosting plan that suits your needs, one that can do justice to your WordPress sites. And dedicated servers may be the way to go.

Dedicated servers are for those businesses with more bandwidth needs, and for those looking for complete security. You do not share the server with anyone else, and so you stay safe to malicious attacks from other servers. The dedicated hosting market is going to be worth a whopping $6.5 billion by end of next year, as more businesses look to handle their increasing traffic and data needs.

The Benefits of Going the Dedicated Server Way

If you are looking to go to the dedicated server way, here is how you will benefit.

– Offers complete control and autonomy over the server including a choice of operating systems, and hardware.

–  Offer a great return on investment with higher performance, better security, and more control.

– Are more secure than a shared server as someone else’s activity cannot compromise your system.

– Is better prepared for a disaster as it always has resources allocated for backup data.

You Don’t Have to Install On-Premise Servers

There is no need to worry about installing servers on-site. Since these require a bigger infrastructure and a lot more administrative and engineering support, which again comes with a steep price, you can just hire a hosting company for you. You pay them a fixed fee monthly, and they take care of everything else for you.

How do you know you are ready to go the Dedicated way?

How much traffic are you anticipating? What’s the storage size of your site?

The size of the business does play a huge role in selecting the type of service. A small business with less traffic could even do well on a shared server or a VPS. However, a dedicated server is also advised to people who wish to expand their business. Since a dedicated server can handle more traffic and is faster, it is a good step towards your expansion.

Apart from that, if you are having problems handling website traffic loads, a dedicated server can be the way to go. Here is a look when a dedicated server is a right choice.

For Your Expansion Needs

If you are a small-scale business that’s looking at expanding and have invested in increasing website traffic, switch to a dedicated server before the traffic begins to flow in. This way, the website is well equipped to handle that kind of traffic. Otherwise, the website will crash before the traffic converts into sales.

Before the Event

Have a major event planned up, like a product launch? A lot of entrepreneurs with a successful business plan in mind, may manage to get the funding, but lose out on bigger sales opportunities through website crashes. Even Amazon’s website crashed during sales due to traffic, just another reminder to tell you how important it is to plan well.

Better User Experience

You don’t want users to come across web pages that do not open. Migrate to a dedicated server before the surge in traffic begins, so that when the site is being migrated, it will be a smooth transition. This especially comes in handy when there’s a expected rise in the number of users on the website. A website usually gets a lot of traffic during a new product launch or when there’s a sale.

Can Handle All Your Needs

A dedicated server does not only manage a huge amount of traffic but also offers more control. There will be certain areas of your business or certain products that get more traffic than usual.

With a dedicated server, you can run multiple sites, unlike with a shared server. Decide and allocate the necessary resources to all your sites and provide the required support.

Can Speed Up Sites

With more resources, your websites load up faster.

Even if you are not running multiple sites, switching to a dedicated server is highly recommended if your site is running too slow. That just drives all the traffic away. For example, if your site sells “clothes” and there’s a specific sales section. If the page doesn’t upload in less three seconds, the visitor would leave the site. Therefore, no matter how great the deals, it’d be difficult to attract customers.

Maximise Your ROI

A dedicated server is custom-made for each business. Therefore, you get to the hardware, the disk space, as well as the CPU speeds as per your requirement. This way, you can be assured that the hardware you’ve opted for is getting used to its maximum potential.

Puts Your IT Staff to Better Use

A shared server has your IT staff stuck in the regular maintenance work and resolving website crashes. With a dedicated server, your staff can focus on developing new applications that’d help the business.

Offers Better Security

In a dedicated hosting arrangement, only you and your authorized personnel have access to the system. Since you don’t share a server with another person, their application or usage doesn’t compromise your account. Service providers also set up options like DDoS protection, VAPT, firewall, and security management for your server giving you have full control over you server and its security as well.

Better Prepared for Disasters

A hosting service provider will provide you adequate backup facilities, during a disaster. Dedicated servers can withstand any potential security or crash threats. You can always have a set of database and resources available in case of a mishap.

Easy to Transfer

Does your website host large media files that take up a bit too much space? It could be videos, or podcasts or just image galleries. Either case, you will need good storage space, and a dedicated server can help.

It is For You?

Dedicated server hosting is a great choice, if you’re serious about doing more with your business. We understand your dedicated server needs, and our web hosting plans are suited to meet your online business needs, from email to domain name registration and more.

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